With UltraLock you are able to have longer, fuller, luxurious hair immediately with no danger of damaging your own growing hair.

Most extensions are attached through the use of glue guns, or metal cylinders that require twisting, pulling, or spot braiding your existing hair. With any of these attachment methods you run the risk of a bulky feel and possible hair damage.

UltraLock utilizes a simple yet ingenious form of attachment that is not only safe and comfortable but easy to put in and take out. A tiny non-visible adhesive strip safely and comfortably attaches the UltraLock hair to your own hair. Even under extremely active conditions indoor and out, you will be confident your UltraLock hair stays beautiful and secure.



Your UltraLock hair can be used over and over again.

Just as easy as Ultralock is to apply it can be easily taken out by the use of our special solvent. However, we recommend that you have two sets of UltraLock in order keep your service visits quick and easy. UltraLock is for all women at any age. It can be used by women with short hair that want to make a subtle or extreme change as well as women who have thin hair and want to have a thicker luxurious look. It can also be used by women who have good hair but simply want more!

Whatever result you are looking for, UltraLock is the most beautiful, easy, and safe way to go.

UltraLock is exclusively available at J.A. Alternatives.

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