Stock Hair Replacement


The EHK stock hair replacement has all the qualities of the EHK custom except that it takes much less time to deliver. Erwin has designed a method of creating a basic EHK hair replacement without a custom LifeCast but taking in consideration the most common scalp dimensions and hair color of the average client. A great many clients fall into this category. In this way we are able to deliver the highest quality hair replacement available today in a remarkably short period of time. Even though this method is more labor and cost intensive for J.A. Alternatives, we are responding to the repeated requests of our clients who want a faster delivery time on their hair replacements but no compromise on the quality. J.A. Alternatives uses its own factories to create their hair replacements, so we were able to take Erwin’s delicate designs and scale the production to our needs. Erwin and his partner personally trained our entire factory staff and they return to the factories regularly to offer remedial training and quality control.

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