Knotting and Density Control

Knotting and Density Control

The EHK is patent pending and registered with the United States Patent Office. There are many proprietary elements that go into the design of the EHK. Among the most notable are Erwin’s unique knotting plan and innovative control for density. For patent purposes we cannot reveal the actual knotting plan of the EHK. However, clients are mostly interested in the final results. And the final result is a hair replacement that is ventilated exactly to mirror the natural growing pattern of a client’s own existing hair.

This unique knotting plan not only makes the hairline the finest ever created, but that plan is extended throughout the hair replacement resulting in undetectable blending lines and a remarkable crown appearance as well. Most conventional hair replacements do not reflect that kind of detailed creativity. They may pay some extra attention to the hairline but neglect the overall flow of the hair, correct density, and crown area. Delivering consistent densities in hair replacements has long been an area of concern for clients and hair replacement manufacturers alike. In designing the EHK, Erwin Kupitz decided to deal with this issue in this way. Instead of trying to control the subjective requests for hair densities like light, medium, or heavy, Erwin ingeniously decided to incorporate the base material in this process. In other words, Erwin has selected base material with different size openings, or holes. Our factory ventilators simply apply the “one hair one hole” method to the hair tying process. Instead of having ventilators “interpret “ hair densities by percentage, they simply use base materials selected with larger openings for thin densities and smaller openings for heavier densities. This has completely solved the problem of inconsistent densities from one hair replacement to another.

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