Hair Origins

The most critical step in producing the finest hair replacement in the world is to start with the finest quality hair. To begin that process Erwin Kupitz shared his most proprietary hair sources with J.A. Alternatives. J.A. Alternatives spares no expense in acquiring this much sought after hair. The majority of the hair that is used in the EHK design originates in Eastern Europe and Asia. This is the exact same hair that Erwin uses for the biggest stars in Hollywood. The hair is hand gathered and directly delivered to J.A. Alternatives. The hair is then sent to the J.A. Alternatives factory to be used in the very important blending process. The Eastern European and Asian hair is extremely expensive. Among the many benefits in using high quality hair are the availability of beautiful colors, texture variety, superior look and feel, tensile strength, and a natural light reflective quality. Below are a couple of pics of one of Jane and Jim’s many visits to the JA Alternatives China factory. Close and consistent communication with the factory is important in order to produce the ultra high quality JAA products.

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Jane and Jim at our China Factory

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Jane and Jim at our China Factory