Color Blending


Erwin and J.A. Alternatives have produced pages of factory instructions on precisely how to blend the European Human Hair to achieve the most natural looking results. In addition to being proprietary information, it is far to complex to discuss here. However, Erwin’s theory of hair blending can be summarized in this way. It is the process of utilizing many different colors and textures of hair in any given hair replacement in order to achieve, a perfect color match, realistic dimension, and proper light reflection. Erwin has made this a science and he has applied this theory to all his award wining movie work for Hollywood’s biggest stars. Lately, there has been a trend by hair replacement providers to “bleach” knots in the front of a hair replacement. This procedure is supposed to make the knots less visible. Yes, bleaching knots in the front of a hair replacement can marginally improve the look of it because it is a way to camouflage mediocre ventilating and hair quality. However, the EHK hair replacements are made to be worn exactly as ventilated. The knotting, hair selection, and base material together will create the most natural hairline. In addition, over bleaching of the frontal area will inevitably weaken the hair, causing breakage, hair loss, and discoloration rather quickly in a hair replacement.

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